Custom furnishings, custom lighting, repairs, modifications, hacks, space optimization, remodels, design, 3d printing, laser cutting, home automation – we do it all! Let us help you create your dream home…or just make life easier!



Recycled, upcycled, reclaimed…whatever you want to call it, at CARBONTREE custom we always try to use as much repurposed material as possible – not just wood, but bolts, brackets, hinges, and more. This lends a unique character to each piece, minimizes landfill waste, and prevents unnecessary logging and manufacturing.



Wood is an unmatched material, but it’s also a limited resource. That’s why we’ve committed to offsetting our lumber use by making a donation to  #teamtrees with each order. You get a beautiful product and the planet gets to breathe a bit easier – it’s a win-win!